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Important message from the Board of Education
Ballot 4A
The Weld County School District RE-1 has operated with six directors on its Board of Education since the school district was re-organized in the nineteen sixties. The past several elections have resulted in either uncontested elections (winner by acclamation) or appointments to the board after several weeks/months of vacant seats which indicates that it is difficult to fill a vacant board seat.
Currently, to represent a specific director district, you must live in that area and this requirement limits community members that want to serve on the board because they have the “wrong address”. 
There is a proposal on this year's general election ballot that asks for your permission to reduce the number of board directors from six to five, and to reorganize the board district representation plan. The current configuration are two districts per town (see map). The town of LaSalle has district A – Mrs. K. Chacon and district B – Vacant. Gilcrest has district C – 
B. Rainbolt and district D – B. Holcomb. Platteville has district E – N. Nguyen and district F – 
P. Montoya. If voters pass measure 4A we will have one district for each town and two at large positions.  
The Pros & Cons of this proposal: 
•    Allows for more flexibility in filling board seats.
•    Provides for a stronger "one district mission".
•    Five seats align with the current board configuration (the school board currently has 5 occupied seats on the board with one vacancy).
•    If adopted, the realignment will not result in any current board member to lose their seat due to already established term limits in the upcoming election. 
•    One less voting member on the school board.
•    Historically, the district has given equal representation to each town (2 representatives each). This plan would change that model.
The directors of the Board strongly believe that they represent every voice in the community and that their mission is to advocate for every student in the district. District leadership has been working hard to create a mission of Weld County RE1 to be one district. The district is stronger and more collaborative than ever, and the schools are united, working hard to provide an exemplary and safe learning environment for ALL students.
We want to encourage you to cast a vote in the election.
If you have any question about this ballot measure please contact the superintendent or the district’s election officer, Mr. Jeff Angus. 
Current Director District map:
District Map.pdf 

New proposed Director District map:
New Proposed Map.pdf