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Superintendent's Message January 4, 2021
Dear Viking Families
I just want to take a few minutes to wish you all a Happy and Prosperous New Year. May you and your loved ones enjoy good health and lots of happiness in 2021.

I love this time of year when we can look back and ponder the things that happened to us last year, the choices we made, the things we learned, the challenges we faced, the obstacles we overcame, the people we interacted with, and I hope we can hold on to the things we did that made a positive difference in this world.

With the beginning of a New Year, it brings us the opportunity to RESET; we can start new, we can do things differently if we need to, change our mindsets, paradigms, behavior, thinking, attitudes, and outcomes. I want you to take a few minutes and think about what you will do with this awesome new opportunity, we have a blank canvas, and we can decide what we will paint on it!!! May it be a masterpiece.

I want to share with you the District’s 3-point plan for the remainder of the 2020 - 2021 school year, and I hope that you will join us to make the next 2, or 5 months the most successful time ever for the students we serve.

1.    Reopen schools safely
We are working very hard to reopen our schools in the safest possible way for in person learning starting Tuesday January 19th, and to keep it open for the remainder of the school year.
The Board of Education decided that we will continue the same schedule we had in place at the end of the first semester.
Pre-school - 6th grade will be in person 4 days a week, 7th – 12th grade hybrid (2 days in person 2 days remote).

Every student that wants, may select full time remote learning; but we want to remind you to think about this option carefully. For students to be successful in remote learning they need a reliable internet connection, and the discipline to work independently. They also must commit to at least a full quarter learning from home.

We will allow any student with an Individual Education Plan to attend school 4 days a week.  

For us to reopen schools and to stay open we need everyone to work together. That means we must follow the health guidelines that include considering getting the vaccine, wearing a mask, sanitizing, and social distancing.

The district purchased 525 thermometers and we want to make it available to our families that need one at home. This will help you to screen your child in the morning – we know that a high temperature of 100.4 degrees is an indicator that the body has an infection. We want to ask you to keep your child at home when the temperature is high and if they have any other major symptom. This will help us NOT to send groups of students’ home to quarantine.
 2.    Restore academic outcomes
 Your child will receive a report card soon and that will give you information on how he/she did academically in the first semester. Some           students did the necessary work to be successful and unfortunately some did not.
 The district is committed to improve the academic outcomes for all students and we will do that by following a two-prong approach.
 1 – we will provide students with the essential skills they need to be successful at the next grade level,
  2 – we will provide extended learning opportunities for students that need credit recovery and to catch up.
That means we will provide extra opportunities after school and during the summer months for students to make up ground lost during the first semester. We encourage you to consider sending your children to participate in these opportunities. It is important for students to be at grade level at the end of the year for them to be successful in the higher grade level next school year.
3.      Recommit to our Mission and Board goals
The District is committed to our Mission to provide a safe and exemplary education to all students every day and in every way. This includes physical, mental, and social safety. We believe that we can accomplish this by following the safety protocols and that reopening schools will allow students to interact socially and that will improve their mental wellbeing.
Our Board goals outline the urgency to get every student to read and do math at grade level, to graduate with the skills necessary to pursue any dream they may have, and to engage students with meaningful opportunities.
That means that the district will focus on what students need and what is in their best interest by providing them with engaging, meaningful education experiences.
Health survey:
The district has a short survey that we would like you to take as this will give us important information about the current health conditions within our student population. This will help us opening the schools in the safest possible way.
Here is the link: 
The district will open all facilities this week for our student athletes to resume their activities. We want to wish them well with season B sports.
Districtwide committee
The district has an interest to explore long term initiatives that includes summer school, and most importantly, defining education in Weld Re1. I want to invite you to join us and explore ways that will make our district even better. More information to come.
Lastly, the next 2 weeks will still be full time remote learning to give us an opportunity to transition into in person teaching and learning that will start on Tuesday January 19.
My hope for us is to keep working together as partners in educating your children in 2021.
Happy New Year!!!!!!
Mr. Van