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Superintendent's Message February 19, 2021

Dear Viking Families


We have completed 7 out of 10 weeks of the third quarter and I want to keep you informed regarding some of the many good things happening in our district.


I shared with you the District’s 3-point plan for the remainder of the 2020 - 2021 school year and

here is a quick reminder of what they are and our progress towards meeting them.


1.  Reopen schools safely.

We successfully reopened our schools in the safest possible way for in person learning starting in January, and to keep it open for the remainder of the school year.


I am glad to announce that we only had two groups that needed to quarantine for a few days during this time. I know that we are all doing our best to keep the schools open because we know that it important for students to be here learning from our teachers in person, and to be able to socialize with their friends, and to participate in all the activities and athletic events being offered in this quarter.


Unfortunately, we had to move to remote learning for our high school students this week due to broken pipes and water flooding some hallways and classrooms. Teachers and students seamlessly made that transition and worked from home. They all should be able to return to school on Tuesday.


I want to remind you that the district purchased thermometers and we made it available to our families that need one at home. This will help you to screen your child in the morning. You are invited to send your child to the health office and ask for one and you may keep it.


 2. Restore academic outcomes.

     Your child received a report card, and we hope that you had an opportunity to look at the information. We started parent-teacher-conferences this week and we invite you to take the time to discuss the academic progress your child made during the year with the teacher (s).

     We are partners with parents in educating your children and we want to have discussions with you about their academic progress.


The district is committed to improve the academic outcomes for all students and we will do that by following a two-prong approach.


1 – we will provide students with the essential skills they need to be successful at the next grade Level,

2 – we will provide extended learning opportunities for students that need credit recovery and to catch up.




That means we will provide extra opportunities after school and during the summer months for students to make up lost ground during the year. We encourage you to consider sending your children to participate in these opportunities. It is important for students to be at grade level at the end of the year for them to be successful in the higher grade level next school year.


3.  Recommit to our Mission and Board goals

The District is committed to our Mission to provide a safe and exemplary education to all students every day and in every way. This includes physical, mental, and social safety. We believe that we can accomplish this by following the safety protocols and that reopening schools will allow students to interact socially and that will improve their mental wellbeing.


Our Board goals outline the urgency to get every student to read and do math at grade level, to graduate with the skills necessary to pursue any dream they may have, and to engage students with meaningful opportunities.


That means that the district will focus on what students need and what is in their best interest by providing them with engaging, meaningful education experiences.


Districtwide News:

Change in the sequence of Math courses at the high school.

The VHS Math department presented to the Board of Education at the last work session their interest and reasons why they would like to change the sequence of the math courses offered at the high school.


The purpose of changing the sequence is to enhance the student outcomes/learning in mathematics.


The rationale is to support Freshmen transitioning from middle school into the rigor and expectations of high school math by offering a more visual hands-on math course moving away from an abstract math course.

Sophomore and Juniors will have the benefit of receiving Algebra I and II courses consecutively, where concepts build on one another without a gap in learning.


This change aligns and support the goals of the math department which is to provide high quality math course and instruction to prepare students for college and work, and to support all students in developing confidence and competence in mathematics.


The Board approved the changes in Math courses for 2021-2022 school year:

9th Grade: Geometry

10th Grade: Algebra I

11th Grade: Algebra II

12th Grade: Advanced math – College Algebra, Statistics, UNC Dual enrollment and more.


Summer school and Jumpstart

The district will offer extended learning opportunities in the summer months to students in elementary and middle school. The purpose of these opportunities is to revisit some of the essential skills students need to be successful in the next grade level. Some students will be invited to attend these classes and we want to ask you to support this effort by allowing your child to attend. High school students will continue their credit recovery during the summer as well.


Summer Enrichment opportunity

We are planning to offer enrichment opportunities for students for a few days in the summer and we very excited to invite students to attend.


More details will follow soon.


Reimagining Education in Re1

We have a committee that started meeting every other Thursday afternoon to discuss what we need to do as a district to improve the academic outcomes of students and how to address the learning loss that occurred during this year.


I want to invite you to join us and explore ways that will make our district even better. The next meeting is scheduled for March 4 at Platteville elementary school from 4-5 pm.


Townhall meetings

The district had three successful virtual Townhall meetings and you are all invited to participate.


Goals of the meetings are:

•   To create an opportunity for the community to engage with district leadership

•   Focus on sharing ideas – ultimately to improve the district  


The next Townhall meeting is next Wednesday during lunch time noon to 1pm. If you want to join, please use the information below to login.




Join by phone.

?(US) +1 402-249-2043 PIN: ?679 647 140#



Mr. Van