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Superintendent's Message April 23, 2021

Dear Parents and Guardians

Today is the halfway mark for the 4th quarter and we have 5 more weeks of school remaining. Time for making up some of the academic work is running out. We want to encourage every student to continue working hard to be ready for the rigor of the next grade level. Our seniors cannot relax yet and we want them all to be successful and to participate in graduation. To that end, please motivate them to turn in all their work in a timely manner.

I want to keep you up to date with news from the district.

  1. COVID

We are still dealing with COVID and the prevention of the spreading of the virus. Our high school has been negatively affected since Spring break and we had double digit positive cases within this group of secondary students which meets the definition of an outbreak.


We know that it is very frustrated to you as parents, and to our students and staff if we send people home to isolate themselves and quarantine because they were in close contact with a positive case. We do that as a safety precaution to prevent the spread between students. Every week we have a couple of students that tested positive that comes to school and then we must send large numbers home as directed by the Health department.


It’s clear that the pandemic is not yet over so we are asking you to continue your diligence in following the safety guidelines put out by CDC which include wearing a mask, handwashing and social distancing as much as possible.

Please remember that if a student is COVID positive that he/she must stay at home, even if they are asymptomatic. They can still spread the virus and we must quarantine the students that were in close contact.  

A year ago, we communicated our Reopening plan, and we articulated the rules and conditions necessary to operate in a safe learning environment and for in person learning. This is a friendly reminder from that plan: Students enrolling for in-person learning are expected to adhere to all public health guidelines, protocols and procedures established at schools to create a safe and 

secure learning environment. Student attendance at school will serve as agreement to 

these terms and conditions. 


Any violation of terms and agreements regarding public health will be considered a violation of the Student Conduct Code and could be subject to disciplinary action.

We still have many activities planned for your students and we want them to participate in these important events such as Graduation, Clubs, and Athletics. Most of these things were taken away from them a year ago when we had to shut down, and we do not want to cancel events again this year. For us to offer these activities and to keep schools open, we need your help in keeping everyone safe.

2.   Student Vaccines

We are very excited to announce that the vaccination clinic at the high school was a huge success. During that event we vaccinated 209 community members that included 65 students. A big shout out to Sunrise Clinic and all the volunteers that helped during the event.


3.   Valley Online Learning Center

We dedicated the new Online center this Wednesday and it was heartwarming to see the interest and to listen to the students and parents on how this program helped them to be successful in their academic journey. Currently we have 20 students in the program. You can read more about that on our district Facebook page.


If you have questions about this alternate program for high school students, please contact Mr. Cameron Watkins at [email protected]


4.   Extended learning opportunities

The district will offer summer school for middle school students that need to catch up on some of the skills they missed during the year in literacy and mathematics. We will invite a small group of students to participate in this extended learning opportunity. The intent is to support students and help them be better prepared for the rigor of the next grade level, especially if it is an 8th grade student going into the high school. The summer school will start on Monday June 7 and it will run for two weeks from 9 am to noon every day.


The district is also working on a schedule for Jump start for elementary students. This extended learning opportunity will be scheduled late July and first week in August to provide a head start for some students that need the reinforcement of skills they will need in the upcoming year. It will also be a few hours in the morning.

5.   Full 5-day week

Next week is the last 5-day week for students and we will transition back to four days on Tuesday May 4.


6.   Athletics and extracurricular activities 

The students are working hard to be ready to perform on the stage in band and choir as well as the play performance. Please go to the school websites to find the dates for these events. We had to move the high school play because of COVID, and we hope to perform that next week.

Season D sports started, and we are inviting you to support our students.


We have 5 weeks remaining in the school year and we want to end the school year in the best way we possibly can!



Mr. Van