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Stay Safe! The Internet...
image of tablet phone and desktop screensStay Safe! When your child uses a district Chromebook or uses their district email address to sign into any other device, the account is monitored.  As the district accepts federal funds, we are required to filter internet access according to the federal Child Internet Protection Act (CIPA).  Think of this as helping children stay safe – even from themselves sometimes.  Students are not allowed to access sites that may contain information related to violence, sex, and drugs. Sites related to self-harm and suicide are also monitored.  When a student attempts to visit sites related to filtered content, the content is blocked and we are alerted. For serious concerns, you will be contacted.  We also use a product called Gaggle to monitor all student Google accounts.  The product works the same as GoGuardian, except it is monitoring the Google apps used by a student. Whether working in a classroom or at home, students are expected to adhere to Board Policy JS:  Acceptable Use of Technology and JS-E. Should your child venture into unsafe territory, you will be contacted by your child’s principal or counselor or a district IT member. Students who do not abide by Acceptable Use Policy may have their accounts restricted or suspended.