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Restart Plan
Johan van Nieuwenhuizen
Dear Viking Family and Staff,  
This is an incredibly challenging time for our entire community and we greatly appreciate the feedback you provided by completing our survey. Your feedback is important to us and it strengthens our partnership while informing our plans for the re-opening of our schools.
As Weld RE1 prepares for the start of the 2020-2021 school year in August, a variety of scenarios are being considered during these exceptional times. As has been the case since the pandemic began in March, the situation continues to evolve. Never have we, as an education community, not known exactly what to plan for in terms of the coming school year. As leaders, we are in the challenging position of trying to make sense of the unknown, making the best decisions about prioritizing limited resources and providing reassurance and direction for our staff, students, and communities.
Planning for restarting the school year has been a moving target given the emerging epidemiological data and public health guidelines. Districts and schools must follow all applicable Colorado Executive Orders and Public Health Orders that may be in place at the start of the school year and along with local health requirements existing in local communities.
Our district and building leaders are continuing our work, planning for students to return to learning this fall. We know, however, based on our conversations with our public health partners, that strict social distancing requirements will likely remain in effect into August and beyond. Additionally, until a vaccine is in place it is possible that there could be outbreaks that would force Weld RE1 and our community to return to more restrictive situations.  
For these reasons, we have been working on a three-option plan that would provide the flexibility needed to meet a variety of situations we face when we return in the Fall and throughout the next school year. Option 3 is most restrictive, limiting our instruction to full-time Online learning from home, whereas Option 1, our least restrictive phase, allows for full-time in-person learning.  
Our goal in Weld RE1 is to return to open campus, in-person learning as soon as possible because we know that in-person learning and interactions are a vital part of student academic and social-emotional well-being.  
Below is the three-option plan that my administration has been diligently building. Each plan includes a description of the model, considerations for the model, and implications for the model.  Additionally, each plan includes consideration for safety concerns. 
Attachments Available To Download:
Weld RE-1 August 2020 Restart Plan
Weld RE-1 August 2020 Restart Plan (RTF)