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Taking Attendance at Home
taking attendance written on chalkboard
When students are completing remote learning from home, each student needs to "Check-In" as part of their attendance requirements.  For children who may struggle to access their Student Portal Account, Parents are able to complete Check-In via the Parent Portal.

This requirement is for ALL students who are remote learners either 100% or who are in the hybrid A/B model.  When A/B students are on-site at school, teachers will take attendance.  When A/B students are not at school, the students must Check-In via the Student Portal.  The Parent Portal is accessed under the PARENTS tab and the Student Portal is accessed under the STUDENTS tab. 

Use these help guides for step-by-step support.  
students checking in daily ENG_SPAN.pdf
Parents Daily Check In ENG_SPAN.pdf

Students log into the Portal account using their username (same as gmail account without the  If your students struggle to get logged in, have them reach out to their teacher.  If parents need help accessing the Parent Portal, contact your child's school secretary.