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Remote Learning Expectations for 2020-2021 School Year

Expectations for Remote Learning 2020-2021

  1.  Once a student has decided that they are a part of the remote learning they cannot exit the program until the semester ends.  We will offer a two week opt out at the beginning of the semester.  Classes that cannot be converted from in-person to remote learning, students will be required to take a different class.  Parents have until August 14th to make a final decision.  

  1. Students participating in remote access can pick up their laptop on August 19th.  From 8:00 - 12:00.

  1. If students are taking remote classes exclusively they still have to meet state and school standards in regards to extracurricular participation. 

  1. Students participating in Remote Learning can participate in extracurricular activities.  Please see coaches and sponsors for details.

  1. Students will be accountable for attendance within Remote Learning.

  1. Remote Learning students may have the ability to watch the direct instruction in real time or to watch the recorded instructional videos.  The mode for which the information will come will depend on the teacher and the technology available at the time. 

  1. Deadlines: The students will be responsible for similar deadlines as the rest of the class. The exception being that they would be granted one extra day by taking into consideration that the student may not have been able to watch the live instruction and had to watch the recorded directions the following day.

  1. Remote Learning students are required to meet with the teacher twice a week either virtually or in person.

  1. Students will be graded on quality of work within the required time frame that meets the standards, not on participation.

  1. Remote Learning teachers will have posted “office hours” for Remote Learners.  

  1.  Parents, you are required to communicate with staff members either by email or phone once a month.   Parents we will be sending you an initial email, you are required to respond.  Parents do not wait for staff to make contact with you.  Please make contact with the teacher as well.

  1.  Students need to plan on 6-8 hours or work a day on remote learning.  Students need to plan on being active on remote learning everyday. It is the PARENT’S responsibility to ensure that students are “attending” daily and completing schoolwork

  1. Students who are online and receive services from the Special Education Department, have a 504, or receive accommodations for ELL, will still receive those services.   

  1. Parents/Students it is extremely important that we have the right information for communication purposes. It is also imperative that parents frequently check the status of their child’s grades on Infinite Campus.

  1. Students please check your school email on a daily basis.  Teachers and Administrators will be delivering information through emails.

  1. August 19th, 1:00 pm, Student/Parent virtual meeting with Principal.  It is required that at least the student and one parent attend the virtual meeting.   

  1. Students participating in remote learning can pick up lunch at the highschool everyday from 12:30 pm - 1:00 pm.