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MAKING AN INFORMED DECISION: In order to make the best possible decision, the district looks to a number of sources.....


In order to make the best possible decision, the district looks to a number of sources for critical information. These may include:

  •     Local meteorologists on anticipated weather events, including the predicted timing and amount of rain, sleet, or snow impacting the district and surrounding counties for students, their families, and staff, many of whom commute far distances.

  •     Road condition reports by district transportation staff who personally inspect the roads as early as 3 a.m. to determine accessibility

  •     Updates on the condition of school facilities by district maintenance & operations staff.

While a team of district staff works to monitor and collect all of this information, the person ultimately responsible for the decision is the superintendent.

Once a decision is made to change the operating schedule, the district contacts all parents and staff by phone via District phone messenger alerting everyone to the schedule change. Please verify your contact information is current so you can receive the emergency messages. The district also places information on its website at Weld County School District RE-1. The local media will also provide information about Weld RE-1 Schools on its news feeds. 

In the event that schools in the district would need to be closed due to weather or other circumstances, Parents and staff will be notified by phone and it will be posted on the Weld RE-1 Website.  In addition, the following news media outlets will also be notified in the event of a school closure:

The Greeley Tribune         Channel 4 (CBS4/KCNC Denver)           Channel 7 (7 News KMGH)

Channel 9 (9 News KUSA)                            Channel 13 (Fox 31)

CLOSURE  - If circumstances allow a decision will be made by the Superintendent and communicated to staff/parents by 5:30 A.M.

In the event of a closure: 

All schools in the district will be closed

No transportation will be provided

All school activities are canceled

Please monitor the district website and the local news for updates regarding plans for the next school day. In the event it is necessary to continue a closure or implement a delayed start for the following day, you will receive a  call from the district messenger system.

Delayed Start

The decision to delay the start of a school day means that weather or other circumstances will not allow (or it is not safe) for the school day to start on time.

As with school closures decisions, the Superintendent will make and communicate the decision for a delayed start no later than 5:15 A.M. if possible.  

In Weld RE-1:

  • School buildings will not open and classes will not start until approximately two hours later than usual. (For example, if the school bell normally rings at 8:05 a.m., then be prepared for school to start by 10:05 a.m.) Schools will dismiss at normal times.

  • There will be a minimum two hour delay for all transportation operations. (For example, if your bus normally picks you up at 6:44 a.m., plan to be ready for pickup at 8:44 a.m.) Transportation afternoon schedules will run at normal times.

  • All morning activities are canceled (including morning preschool or school breakfast).

  • Each individual school has developed a late start schedule.