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Students of Valley High School,

At this point in the school year, we are still planning on having Prom on April 17, 2021.  My tux is rented and I am ready to dance.  Unfortunately, because of COVID we have to put some restrictions in place to keep our students and staff safe.  The following is the VHS plan for Prom as it stands for now.  As the Colorado Department of Health and the Weld County Department Health recommendations the plans can change.

We will be at Zoe’s Cafe this year.  We have been asked to have our event at 50% occupancy (150 people).  Seniors and their dates are our first priority.  Seniors need to decide by March 26th if they want to go.  If they don't sign up by that date, they lose their slots.  


Seniors are allowed to bring out-of-district guests, but they will have to fill out an approval slip from their school, just like previous years.  The Principal from the other school will give a character reference and state that the student has not been exposed to COVID or has tested positive for COVID ten (10) days before Prom.  If a guest is not in school, they will have to get a COVID test five days before prom to show they do not have COVID.  As in all previous years, students at VHS need to be taking and passing five classes in order to be eligible.  Eligibility will be determined on March 26th.   All non-VHS Seniors will pay $25 per ticket.  As is our tradition, VHS Seniors will be free.  


After March 26th, Administration will determine how many spots will be available for non-VHS Seniors to attend.  Once the slots are determined, we will have a two week window for Juniors to purchase tickets.  The window will close April 9th.  Eligibility will still be enforced.  


All participants at VHS Prom will wear a mask throughout the whole evening.  Temperatures will be taken at the door.  Anyone at 100.4 or over will be told to leave.  


This is still a formal event and students and their dates are asked to dress in formal attire.     


Prom invitations will be sent out through the Senior Page on Valley Viking News.  Purchasing of ticket information will also be sent out through the Valley Viking News.  Tickets will be purchased online.  


Out-of-District student participation forms will be available in the main office.


We will not do Prom Gifts this year.  We will not have Prom Royalty parents attend.  We will crown a King and Queen.


Details for After Prom are still being decided.  My understanding is that VHS Parents are still planning to have After Prom.  Just a reminder that After Prom is not an VHS Event and is run by a group of our parents who put a considerable amount of time putting it on.  At this time, they are planning on still having it at Chippers Bowling Alley.  I imagine there will be some restrictions.  More details later.


Thank you,



Rich Dalgliesh

Principal VHS


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