Parent & Student Guidelines for VHS Graduation Ceremony

Parents and the Class of 2020,

Preparation for Graduation has been “interesting” this year.  VHS Administration, working with our District Administration and Board of Education, have developed multiple scenarios in order to provide the best possible graduation this year.  The following guidelines have been developed with the current recommendation from the Colorado Department of Health and the Weld County Department of Health.  VHS Administration believes it is in the best interest of the community to release our plan so that parents and families have ample time to review the guidelines and prepare for our graduation ceremony.

Graduation Ceremony Preparation

  1. Seating Lottery - The seating areas will be determined by a lottery.  The field and the stands will be sectioned off for families/spectators. 

  2. Cap & Gown Distribution - July 23rd - 8:00 am   - Passing Out Caps/Gowns at the ESC  - Breakfast will be provided for Seniors.  At this time, students will also be told where their spectators will sit.  It will be attached to their cap/gown. 

  3. Graduation Practice - July 23rd - 9:00 am - Practice For Graduation at the Stadium.  This is a required event!!

Graduation Ceremony - Saturday, July 25th 

  1. Stadium Gates Open - 8:00am

  2. Graduates Arrive - Be at the stadium by 8:15am 

  3. Ceremony Begins - The ceremony will begin at  9:00am. Once graduation begins, no one will be allowed in the stadium.  Please do not show up late.  

Seating Arrangements: 

  1.  Family seating areas will be determined by a lottery.  Seating areas will be on the field or in the stadium stands each graduate will be allowed a maximum of 10 spectators but we are asking that you attempt to reduce the number of spectators, if possible.  

  2. We ask that all members of a family come at one time.  Your family will be checked off at the gate and a VHS representative will escort you to your designated area.  

  3. No chairs on the field unless supplied by the VHS Administration.  Please bring your own blankets for field seating, no standing on the field, you will be asked to sit so all families can see the ceremony.  

    1. Chairs will not be allowed on the field.  Anyone needing special assistance can have a chair provided for them by the district.  Wheelchairs are allowed on the field.

During the Ceremony:

  1. We will have graduation programs at the door, but they will not be handed out.  

  2. We ask that once you are seated that families do not move around the stadium.  Please stay in your area until the ceremony is over.  VHS Administration will announce when you can leave.  

  3. We will not have our band or choir participate because of a lack of time to practice and to limit the number of people at the stadium.

  4. We will also not have staff participate to lower the number of people in the stadium and provide space for social distancing.

  5. During the ceremony, students will be spaced out 10 feet apart.

  6. Diplomas will be given out at the ceremony.

  7. There will be a section near the stage for one family member to take closeup pictures of the graduate receiving their diploma.  Please take a picture and move back to your designated area. 

  8. After the Ceremony, students will process out of the stadium with their Senior Song.  Any gatherings will be outside of the stadium.  Graduates will leave the stadium first, VHS Administration will dismiss spectators by section.  

  9.  Please bring plenty of water.  It's going to be a hot morning. 

Inclement Weather Plan:

  1. Please continue to hold onto your green tickets that were given out during the Spring in case of inclement weather.  If we are forced to go inside only three people per family will be allowed into the East Gym.  

Other Guidelines:

  1.  Graduation expectations of dress and behavior apply.  Any student violating expectations or dress will be asked to leave either before or during the ceremony.  Remember you can not dress up your cap/gown.  Only school issued items may be worn over cap and gown. 

  2. No high heels on the field by either spectators or graduates.  High heels will damage the turf on the field.

  3. We will determine the policy for spectators and participants in regards to the wearing of masks as we get closer to the event.  

If you have any questions, please contact me at [email protected]

Rich Dalgliesh


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