Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

Social & Emotional Learning


As many of you know one of our main areas of focus is the social and emotional development of our students. In an effort to address many of the challenges children are exposed to we offer a variety of programs to provide assistance and growth in social and emotional learning. One goal is to provide the kids with the tools to problem solve when they are struggling, feeling down, or having friendship issues. 

Morning Greeting/Afternoon Goodbyes

Positive Affirmations

Greetings and goodbyes (hug, handshake, and high five) - these help students feel seen and let you know how their day started or ended. 

Positive affirmations are a great way to help build confidence and a relationship with your students 5-1 is a nice rule 7-1 is better (7 positive comments to every 1 negative). They can be as simple as “I noticed you put your coat away, thank you.”

Daily Circle Time

Second Step

Circle time - Relationships are important for so many reasons, circles help you to know more about your students and build a safe environment in your classroom. Circles have a talking piece, group norms, the expectation that you share or decline to share politely, and a question to share information this can be anything. These circles can then be helpful to solve classroom issues.

Second Step is one of our SEL programs that teach how to be a learner, have empathy, problem-solving skills, goal setting, and emotion management. It is a program that builds on itself. Last year we purchased the Bully Prevention unit from Second Step. This is a four-lesson set on how to help stop bullying. 

Zones of Regulation

Safe Touch

Zones of Regulation is another of our SEL programs. It’s an approach used to support the development of self-regulation in children. All the different ways children feel and the states of alertness they experience are categorized into four colored zones. Children who are well regulated are able to be in the appropriate zone at the appropriate time. This program helps students to learn to recognize and control emotions. 

Safe Touch is a program that Lutheran Family Services provides. They cover Stranger Danger, safe and unsafe touches, and some abuse issues for older students.

Small Groups Counseling Groups: Emotional control

Small Groups Counseling Groups: Friendship

This group focuses on recognizing our own emotions and ways to control them. We cover different methods of recognizing as well as the steps that help us to control strong feelings. We also work to recognize what others are feeling and how feelings can be different for everyone in the same situation, working towards empathy and compassion.

In this group we work on friendship skills focusing on what we like friends to do, how to win and lose, how to solve conflicts, words that are kind, seeing when we have common interests.

Small Groups Counseling Groups: Loss

Small Groups Counseling Groups: Divorce

This group helps students to work through loss by learning tools to help us normalize grief and tools to help us remember the loved one in a healthy way.

This group helps students to grieve the loss of the idea of a ‘traditional family’ and we work through ways to live with two homes and two different sets of expectations.

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